• Neonatal Journey

    Part 3 – The Birth

    The hospital room was huge! It even had its own private bathroom. The nurse behind me closed the door and the midwife passed me a hospital robe. As I looked at it puzzled, she asked me if I could change into it. I did. I felt like they had the wrong patient. I didn’t need to be here. What was going on? I asked if I could ring Amy. Amy’s my best friend and has been since we were 13 years old. She was and still is, like a sister to me. I’d been exchanging messages with her since I’d arrived at the hospital and needed someone to help me…

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    Neonatal Journey

    Part 2 – The Day Everything Changed

    I arrived at the Royal Bolton Hospital around 11am. I’d driven myself there, as all round, I felt pretty much ok. Something was niggling at the back of my mind though. So after parking up, I took a video of where my car was. In my mind, this was just in case I needed to stay overnight and my John (my husband), needed to take my car home. I made my way straight to the maternity unit for my ‘further tests’. I sat in a small waiting room with 4 other ladies. First, was the pee test. Now normally this would be a breeze for any lady at the end…

  • Neonatal Journey

    Part 1 – The Bump

    I found out I was pregnant on 2nd March 2012. I did 2 tests just to double check, as I was convinced the first one had to be wrong. But no, there it was, the blue line appeared! Whoo! I was over the moon. It was all planned and we had even moved into a larger house just 2 weeks before, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The first trimester went pretty smoothly. I had a bit of nausea but nothing major. No extreme sickness, crazy food cravings or any other complications (very lucky!) The second semester was a little different. I wasn’t exactly the ‘glowing’ pregnant woman. I…