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    Swimming Lessons – The Start of the Journey at Swim!

    Disclaimer: The swimming lessons discussed below were received on a gifted basis. All opinions are my own. Swimming Lessons and Parenting As a parent, I always want to try and teach my child as much as possible. Swimming lessons are something I’ve personally tried to do for years now and just never succeeded. It’s not that Bruce doesn’t like the water, quite the opposite. He loves it! I think it’s that when he says (as most kids do), “don’t let go Mummy”, I quite literally won’t. The result, we’re still working on Mummy becoming a half decent swimming instructor 8 years down the line. That’s were Swim! came in to…

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    Knowsley Safari Park

    I first visited Knowsley Safari Park as a child and continued to do so throughout my teens and as a young adult. My little family are very much animal people so love to spend time with furry and feathered friends both big and small. My boy is currently 6 and is fascinated by pretty much any animal. With Knowsley Safari Park being so close by, I knew that a trip there would be perfect for him. Location If you live in the North West of England, you may have already been to Knowsley Safari Park. It’s located within easy reach of both Manchester and Liverpool. If you haven’t or you’re…