Children’s Dream Catcher

Crafting with my little boy is one of the biggest joys in my life. Our craft collection has grown over the years from a few crayons to various types of paper, stickers, a miniature pink glue gun and of course, glitter.

Making a dream catcher is a really fun kid’s craft. There are so many variations that you can do to suit your little one’s style. Similarly you don’t need to be a pro crafter to make this. Whilst the younger children will likely need some help with the scissor steps, the decoration steps can be a time where they can really let their creative juices flow!

What you’ll need



Step 1

Cute the centre hole out of the paper plate.


Step 2

Using the hole punch, press 6-10 holes around the inner circle and 2 at the top.


Step 3

Paint the plate with glue then cover in glitter. You might want to repeat this step twice for a bold colour. I also added a few diamantes for extra sparkle!

Note – pens / pencil crayons also work well to decorate the plate.


Step 4

Once dry, attach a piece of string to the top 2 holes to use as a hook.


Step 5

Cut a long piece of string and thread through the holes in the centre circle. Add beads at different stages of this process.

Tip – don’t worry about following an exact pattern with this, it can be completely random.


Step 6

Press an extra 3-4 holes in the bottom of the dream catcher and tie various lengths of string to each hole.


Step 7

Using glue, attach 2-3 feathers to the end of each string piece. You can also add some beads before gluing the feathers.


Step 8

Wait for all the glue to dry and then hang your dream catcher.