Leopard Print Glitter Glass

Ok, so full disclosure. I love leopard print!!! I first started making glitter glasses when they seemed to be all the rage about 5 years ago. Now I want to add a couple of layers to this with an ombre effect and a fabulous animal print. It’s a very easy craft using just a few key things. The actual steps themselves don’t take long at all but you will need to allow a few hours drying time between each one.

What you’ll need


Step 1

Cover the top half of the glass in mod podge, leaving a half centimeter gap at the top . After all is covered in glue, coat in glitter (be generous!). Allow at least 2 hours to dry.

Repeat this step to achieve a brighter colour. I used white glitter first, then silver as the mix really makes the colour pop. Allow to dry.


Step 2

Cover the bottom half of the glass in mod podge then drag the glue up to approximately 2/3 of the glass in a random stripe pattern.

Cover with contrasting glitter (I used gold).

Repeat this step twice and allow to dry.


Step 3

Once completely dry, cover the whole glass in mod podge and allow to dry for 3-4 hours.


Step 4

Using a sharpie marker pen, draw your pattern or print all over the glass.

Wait 30 minutes then coat in another layer of mod podge.


Step 5

Allow to dry for 3-4 hours. Your glass is now complete and ready to use!