Mini ghost cakes

Mini Ghost Cakes

Bruce is a huge fan of Halloween at the moment but I do have to admit that I’m just not all that into it. I mean, it is weird because horror is probably my favourite film genre so you’d think I’d be all up for decorating the house in spooky stuff. I think that’s just it though, I’d rather keep all the spooky stuff in the TV or on the cinema screen! Mini ghost cakes were my answer to a mum who likes creating cute little bakes and a 7 year boy who wants to make me jump at every given opportunity!

They were actually made from a gluten free cake that didn’t quite work out. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted lovely, it just didn’t rise…at all! I’d already had the idea to make the Mini Ghost cakes so after removing the pancake resembling flat cake from the oven I thought, “why not now?”

You can bake and make the cake and buttercream elements of the Mini Ghost cakes, or you can buy them, or a mix of both? Either way, they’re great fun to make and you can make them as cute or as scary as you like.

What You’ll Need

How to Make Mini Ghost Cakes

A broken chocolate cake in a glass bowl

Step 1

Break the chocolate cake up in a bowl. Using a spoon or your hands, break it down further into small pieces.

Chocolate buttercream in a silver bowl and chocolate cake in a glass bowl

Step 2

If you’re making your own buttercream, prepare it now and whisk thoroughly.

Chocolate cake dough

Step 3

Add the buttercream to the cake crumbs and mix until fully combined. This should start to resemble cookie dough.

Cake balls on greaseproof paper on a tray with a box of fondant icing next to them

Step 4

Make 6 round balls from the cake and buttercream mixture. It will be quite sticky so have a paper towel at the ready! Place the balls onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper and shape into chunky cones (similar to a snowman’s body). Chill in the fridge for 30 mins – 1 hour (until they start to firm).

White fondant with an orange circle cutter on top, next to a rolling pin

Step 5

Whilst the cakes are chilling, roll out the fondant icing and use a cookie cutter, large cup or bowl, to cut out 6 circles. I cut these out slightly smaller than I needed, then used a rolling pin to make them larger and create more uneven edging.

3 cakes covered in white fondant

Step 6

Remove the cakes from the fridge and lay the fondant circles on top of each one.

You can spray them with edible glitter at this stage if you like!

2 mini Ghost cakes on a plate

Step 7

Decorate your ghosts! I went for googly eyes on one of mine and silver balls in another two.

Mini ghost cakes

Step 8

The mouths were created by poking a cocktail stick into the cake and slowly circling to create a bigger mouth shape.

Why not give them a try? You can be as creative as you like. Maybe your ghost could be a different colour.

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