A 6 year old boy in his bedroom sat on a snuggle seat beanbag and reading where's wally
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Snuggle Seat Beanbag Review

*The Snuggle Seat Beanbag in this review was gifted to us

The (Seat) Struggle is Real!

After having a little wooden chair since he was about 1 year old, it’s safe to say that Bruce had well and truly ‘grown out’ of using it for anything other than a ‘random stuff’ shelf. I was hoping that it might have lasted a little longer, especially after he started to really enjoy reading and writing and so needed somewhere to sit. His favourite position had become the classic sprawled out child on the floor. Not necessarily my favourite, as in doing so he would incidently knock every toy over in his path. Oh the joys.

On my initial online searches, there didn’t seem to be anything that jumped out and a lot of the beanbag chairs that he liked were either too small for him or they were way too big for his room. Admittedly I gave up for a couple of weeks and still didn’t throw the wooden chair out (I begrudged the fact that he’d grown out of it when it was so cute!)

Snuggle Seat Discovery

After the initial search and give up tactic, I was over the moon when a lovely person from Snuggle Seat contacted me unexpectedly and offered to send one of their lovely bean bags to us!….and one of their Snuggle blankies (which has actually now become Bruce’s favourite teddy at bedtime and is named Pandy Pandy).

The Snuggle Seat website was super easy to navigate and they had 20 different beanbag designs to choose from. We (well Bruce) chose the night and day design which arrived within a few days.

The Bean Bag

Within half an hour of the bean bag being opened, it was being used by a very excited 6 year who was at the time, frantically trying to find ‘Wally’ in his ‘Where’s Wally’ book.

A 6 year old boy in his bedroom sat on a snuggle seat beanbag and reading where's wally

It is such a sturdy beanbag but super comfy at the same time (I can vouch for this as I obviously had to try it out too!). One of the best elements is the fact that it comes with 2 covers, one for babies with a harness to keep them nice and secure, and one for toddlers. Did I mention they are designed for 0 – 8 year olds!

For those of you that follow me over on my Instagram, you’ll know that we have a super busy household that we share with 4 animals so I’m always on the look out for things that are useful for the house but also super easy to clean. The Snuggle Seat base has a completely wipe clean base and the coating is 100% waterproof. Extremely useful when it comes to clumsy toddlers and dogs with huge tails!

Would I recommend?

Absolutely! I just wish that I’d have discovered these sooner. They’re made so well and will clearly stand the test of time. I’m a great believer too that the right customer service will see returning customers and recommendations. These guys certainly have that! Lovely people making a lovely product. Take a look at the designs and see which one’s your favourite – www.snuggleseat.com

They’re also over on Instagram too and are a company I follow. Why not take a look – Snuggle Seat

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